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There are assorted platters of barbequed meat, cottage cheese and vegetables available that are served with tangy chutneys and sauces.

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At Wraps & Rolls we take care of all the measures to be undertaken right from the service of materials to the selection of green vegetables. We look into each and every section from picking raw materials right down to the end product where we service it at the right temperature.

At Wraps & Rolls everything is temperature controlled at all given times.

It's a repetitive process.

Regular Audits at given times are conducted by Outside Agencies.

We also look after quality control of services provided by us.

We conduct training sessions with our employees in order to educate them about how important is quality control to us.

We have sessions where we teach our employees about special measures to be taken in order to maintain hygiene.

We are extremely proud of the food we serve & we take our responsibilities towards our customers very seriously. We deliver hot, safe and freshly prepared tasty wraps rolls every time.

Our rolls are made with freshly kneaded brown wheat flour (atta), the freshest vegetables, the best of condiments & chutneys & the choicest cuts of meat.

Vegetarian rolls are prepared in a separate area of our kitchen.

All rolls are made with vegetarian oil only.

We do not offer any beef or pork products.

We have Professional operational support, superior business systems, staff training, standardized menus & prices.

We have Centralized kitchens & vendors ensuring standardized quality products.

Our products are prepared hygienically and treated to regular quality checks.

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