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Know your Wrap

Every wrap is packed with the goodness of vegetables or protein enhanced with appetizing aroma and tangy flavours. Its distinctiveness lies in the ability to present it with purity and perfection.

Behind the scenes of this setup is amazing because of the transparency in their work culture and their zest to please every customer. It is this drive that has resulted in the network of kiosks across India and forthcoming global expansions.

Their customer loyalty base is ever growing and scaling high because of their positivity and focus in
  • Commitment to quality
  • Innovation in menu
  • Sparkling clean work force
  • Diligent customer service

The word "quality" is engraved in the minds of everyone connected to this service. From the chain of vendors who supply superior variety of fresh vegetables, to the attendants who serve the customers, all are trained with a thorough understanding of this term. Every ingredient is stored at the right temperature so that it retains the original freshness. Quality control checks are carried out regularly within the organization and also by outside agencies.

The menu comprises of an assortment of flavours catering to the needs and palates of people across the world. It includes a wide mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Presently, beef and pork products are not served. Vegetarian rolls are prepared separately using vegetable oil and the mayonnaise in these wraps is eggless. Centralized kitchen promotes same taste across all kiosks and outlets. The proprietary ingredients are imported and unified with the local taste to create a melange of exclusivity. The company takes great pride in their food analysts, research and development team who know how to play around with the right combination of condiments and sauces to bring out a refreshing taste. They guarantee that anyone who glances at their menu will surely feel hungry.

A spotless work environment gives out positivity and that is another highlighting factor that adds to the success of this organization. Every member of this team, vendors as well as franchisee is trained to maintain hygiene at every level. This includes their personal grooming and uniform as well. The food counters are immaculately kept and they can be inspected by anyone who walks across to order a wrap. Food handling and preparation is done with utmost care and precaution is taken to avoid any form of contamination. The kiosks are well lit and always located in a good atmospheric environment where there is plenty of clean and fresh circulation of air.

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