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There are assorted platters of barbequed meat, cottage cheese and vegetables available that are served with tangy chutneys and sauces.

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The smart, contemporary ambiance and excellent service at Wraps & Rolls make for a completely international experience.

The entire manufacturing process occurs in full view of the customers, not only with an aim of inviting them to watch something attractive, but also in order to guarantee them the freshness of the products.

We keep a very limited scope for frying when it comes to our Veg menu.

Whereas when it comes to our Non-Veg menu we make use of white meat, multi grain roomali, various other ingredients, fresh vegetables etc.

We use heat based roomali's in order to avoid those extra pounds of calories added in with the use of plain flour(maida) in our roomali's.

We also avoid the addition of unwanted oil while making the wraps.

We also take measures to bring about a reduction in Trans fats.

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